jueves, junio 11, 2020

Where was the VW Westfalia campervan of Christian B. at the time of the abduction of Madeleine McCann?

Information from Operation Grange and Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) indicates that Christian B. was living in the campervan at the time of the abduction.
In 2013, I had written in this blog: "Where was the abductor going to? [...] If we draw a vector, with origin in the sighting of Jane Tanner [very close to apartment 5A], and end in the Smith family sightings, we may infer, though not with absolute certainty, where the abductor was going to. What is in that area? A small house almost deserted, some apartments, a makeshift campsite for camping vehicles, the southeastern part of the small hill, many manholes, some rubbish bins, the Mata Porcas plant for treating wastewater, the sea." 
" ...a makeshift campsite for camping vehicles ..."
The yellow vector has its origin in apartmen 5A and its end at the location of the Smith family sighting 

A indicates the Dolphin restaurant, B to C is the camping area (all the basic maps are provided by Google).
Was Christian B.'s campervan parked in that zone (B to C)? It was a free parking area. If so, neighbours or tourists  maybe have seen it. Even maybe they have pictures of it.