jueves, junio 25, 2020

The abduction of Madeleine McCann: was Christian B. living in a house in May 3, 2007?

According to The Mirror, Portuguese police went to Christian B.'s home shortly after Madeleine McCann's disappearance in Praia da Luz, Portugal, however he was not in when they visited, ex-chief Gonçalo Amaral said.

Amaral said: “I have been told by colleagues, who are retired like me, that they had come knocking on the door. That person was not at home.”
So, was Christian B. living in a house or apartment by the time Madeleine was abducted? Or was he living in a vehicle, like a VW Westfalia van, or a Tiffin Allegro van? If living in a house or apartment, was it properly searched? Maybe Amaral or one of his colleages could give details about the suspect's "home".