viernes, junio 12, 2020

The Madeleine McCann satellite picture revisited

I had been told by a reliable source that police investigating the Madeleine McCann abduction have found that the van which appears in the image is a Renault which belonged to a neighbour's friend and was there until August 2007.

But I continued searching images from Landsat and Copernicus satellites programmes, and found some evidence (not proof) that the van maybe was there not only until August 2007, but until April 2011, and perhaps more time.

I have got four pictures at different times showing or not the image of the van:

- October 2006: van image absent. (c) IGP/DGRF.  

- June 2007: van image present. (c) Aerodata International Surveys.

- April 2011: van image present at the same place. (c) Maxar Technologies.

- May 2013: van image absent. (c) Maxar Technologies.

An abandoned van which may constitues proof? Maybe abandoned during 4 years or more, since 2007 to 2011? And the van was recovered when the case was getting cold?