viernes, julio 03, 2020

The abduction of Madeleine McCann: this is the antenna activated by the alleged mobile phone of Christian B.

The German prosecutor of the Braunschweig public prosecutor's office and the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) said that the mobile phone number + 351 912 730 680 activated an antenna of Praia da Luz, on May 3, 2007, from 19:32 to 20:02. The user of this mobile phone number was, allegedly, Christian B, the main suspect in Madeleine McCann abduction. The number of the mobile phone that made the call was + 351 916 510 683, and activated an antenna outside Praia da Luz.
This is part of the technical specifications of the antenna activated in Praia da Luz, it had 8 elements:
Element 268-01-24-1704: azimuth 40º.
Element 268-01-24-14424: azimuth 40º.
Element 268-01-24-1709: azimuth 280º.
Element 268-01-24-1707: azimuth 40º.
Element 268-01-24-32023: azimuth 280º.
Element 268-01-24-14426: azimuth 280º.
Element 268-01-24-32021: azimuth 40º.
Element 268-01-24-1706: azimuth 280º.
Located to the South of apartment 5A, this antenna covered much of Praia da Luz and surroundings. So, was the mobile phone + 351 912 730 680 close to the Ocean Club? Considering that the Ocean Club had a lot of apartments throughout Praia da Luz, probably yes. And close to Madeleine's apartment 5A?  We do not know how close, it could be meters, hundreds of meters, or more than a kilometer.
Part of the zone covered by the antenna. Circled in yellow, Madeleine McCann's block of apartments.
We could get more info if the record of the call indicates the element(s) activated. The location of the mobile phone would be in the East of Praia da Luz when the element activated had an azimuth of 40º, or in the West when the element activated had an azimuth of 280º. If besides the element(s) activated we have the "tilt" of the same, we could know if the mobile phone was in the South part, or in the North part, of Praia da Luz.
In any case, the position of the mobile phone at 20:02 would permit to its user to be in apartment 5A, simply walking, from 21:10 and 22:00.